Quadri Pharmaceuticals Store LLC is a pharmaceutical business organization that was founded in 2002 in Abu Dhabi and moved its headquarters to Dubai in 2013. The organization was setup with the goal to provide professional and reliable technical services to principals for registering, marketing & distributing their products in total compliance to local and international regulatory standards. Quadri Pharma‘s current portfolio has business entities catering to special population, patients with unmet medical needs, in-vitro fertilization and nutraceuticals.

The organization is currently comprised of :

  • Quadri Pharmaceuticals Store, Head Office (Dubai – UAE)
  • Quadri Pharmaceuticals Store, Warehouse (Abu Dhabi – UAE)
  • Quadri Pharma (Cairo – Egypt )
  • Ibis Pharma (Cairo – Egypt)

Locations Map

Quadri Pharma has accomplished to offer complete trust and belief to its principles. We pride ourselves on the strong, long-term relationships established with our clients and strive to continue with vision to be recognized as one of the best pharmaceuticals distributor in the region